Realize You Are Blessed!

We can only give away what we realize we have. To help my eldest son manage his finances, I sat down with him at the kitchen table to review his budget. A recent graduate from college with a degree in education, he opted to pursue full-time employment at his current position in the hotel industry. Sadly, his part-time job pays more than it would if he entered a career as a teacher. I emphasized and supported his decision to stick with the Disney company and see where the hotel industry would take him in the next couple of years.
As a bell boy/valet attendant, the tips are great! I mean really great! As I inserted his weekly deposits and developed a budget with my son, he realized that he had nearly $1,800 and some change after his monthly expenses. This was a revelation for him as he recently purchased a Range Rover! I say you know your kid is doing well when they begin achieving their own dreams! Recognizing the balance available was an eye opener for him! A great segway into tithing I could not resist!
Clearly, God is Jehovah Jireh, our provider. And yes, to much is given much is expected. Accordingly, we must first come to realize what we have. Each of us must pause and know and know that we are blessed. Yes, things could be worse; therefore, we are blessed, no doubt! I think of the gentlemen who wrote the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul.” Despite profound tragedy of pain and loss, Stafford was able to recognize being blessed. What do you need to realize you have been blessed with in order to give it away? Be a blessing and be blessed!


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