Maintenance is Key!

Being a good steward of what you’ve been given is so critically important to avoid pain and suffering!  I pulled my son out of school early to visit his dentist.  He had been complaining about his lower back tooth.  Having called his dentist earlier, they suspected his wisdom teeth were making their way in and advised bringing him in.  As I read through those Highlight Magazines found only in dentists offices, I was interrupted by the dentist calling me into the examining room so he could show me his findings.  My son looked nervously as he lied faced up looking at the ceiling with his mouth ajar.  The dentist explained that while my son had four wisdom teeth emerging and pushing on his existing teeth, they had not yet rooted; however, the pain was a result of a suspected much-needed root canal, which he believes is showing up infected.  Grrr!  He showed me the x-ray and the discoloration indicating how deep the cavity went.  He recommended antibiotics and referred us to a partnering endodontics.  The other option was to pull the tooth and hope the incoming tooth would take its place. 

My son is only 15 years of age!  I thought to myself, “They sure don’t make teeth the way the used to!  We only got 15 years out of that tooth!” 

Having considered all options, my son questions, “Which one is the least painful?” 

I had interjected before the dentist continued, “We’ll opt with the root canal and see if we can get more out of that tooth.”

Having agreed, the dentist favorably provided the referral, and we were off. 

On our way home, I kindly lectured my son on the importance of daily maintenance of his dental care and cautioned him on what he eats and drinks (he loves ice cream and all those sweet drinks)!  I kindly reminded him the estimated cost of the root canal at $352, and that is with dental insurance! I ended my kind lecture asserting that irresponsibility will always cost you! 

God calls us to be good stewards of what he has given us.  Maintenance of these things whether it is our health, dental care, our worldly possessions, relationships, including our relationship with him—our daily maintenance and care of each of these things and people account for its longevity and value. 


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