Cease the Opportunites

My husband and I love traveling and have adopted the philosophy that it is better to create moments into memories with our children and each other rather than the typical exchange of gifts. We’ve tried making it a point to dedicate time for vacationing with ourselves. What makes this difficult is that we are from God’s country—Hawai’i! Where else would one want to be? And so it makes sense for us to venture into the blanket of white snow to snowboard and ski during the December month. We often would run into people that would ask, “…and why are you here?” when exchanging place of residencies.

My daughter is soon off to college and being the planner I am was looking into September flights. I accidentally checked prices to Las Vegas to the next UFC fights—yes, my husband and I are fans of the grueling, barbaric UFC bouts! It’s probably as bad as my husband’s indulgence with fantasy football and my sinful indulgence with the reality show, Beverley Hills Housewives! Don’t judge me, please. Upon checking the flights and fights—we booked it! Ceasing the opportunity that presented to us.
Life is short—too short, and so we did! Cease the opportunities that lie before you. Don’t make excuses. Otherwise, moments will never be created and faint memories of “we thought about it” will leave you regretting not taking advantage of the opportunities God had laid before you!


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