Appreciate What’s In Front Of You

It was another beautiful day in Hawai’i and with nothing planned—a rare occurrence for my husband and me on the weekend, especially trying to keep up with the involvement of our children’s sports endeavors.  I, as often as possible will choose to lounge at the beach! A bit of Vitamin D really does look good, especially during the cold winter months!  We found ourselves at one of the beautiful lagoons on the West side of the island. The pristine white sand beaches are incomparable and I always, always feel so blessed when I am fortunate to be relaxing there.

My husband and I as we often do, dream together. I love talking to him about our future goals. While basking in the Hawaiian sun we observed older couples also enjoying the beach, we imagined they were on vacation—winter birds as they call them, escaping the winter cold of the mainland.  Seeing these couples moved my husband to make a comment, “I guess I don’t appreciate the beach as much as I should. I guess we take it for granted because we have open access to it.” At that very moment, God reminded me not to take things for granted—especially those right in front of us. The everyday blessings that he showers us with can easily be taken for granted and unappreciated. Every day should be viewed as a vacation—enjoying and making memories of each moment with each other. Celebrating the beauty of the place and people God places before us.


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