Not Just Good, but GREAT!

My daughter is a senior in high school and has grown into such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.  For the past week, she had been down with strep throat.  Being sick relegated her to sit out of the OIA Championship Swim Meet, which was also Senior Night.  Senior Night is the last swim meet for seniors.  I watched my daughter cheer on her best friend who eventually went on to win the OIA 50- and 100-meter freestyle heat.  Her enthusiasm and happiness for her friend exuded as she took pictures and hopped on the stage for a shot together to celebrate the win. 

The next day, we shared that her friend made the papers and she replied again with the same enthusiasm, “Really?”  Giving the article to her, she proudly took it on her way out to work to share it with her friend.  Watching my daughter truly be happy for her friend’s success and achievement made me proud of her dear friend (who we absolutely love), but especially proud of my daughter and who she has grown into.  Her ability to share in the happiness of someone else’s success in the purest form is the love and compassion our Lord asks of each of us.  To share in the ups and down, the valleys and the hilltops of life as if it was our own! 

I often look down on this generation coming up, but today, I was reminded that when taught and brought up in the teachings of the Lord, our children will not be just OK, not just good, but GREAT! 



  1. It helps that her parents are the most awesome and caring people too! Setting that example for all of your kids has helped them become pretty fantastic individuals!

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