Lasting Impressions

I had the pleasure of babysitting my nieces for the day.  At the ages of eight and three, they soon reminded me of how curious, impressionable, and energetic kids can be!  …did I mention energetic?  While I enjoyed their company throughout the day, what I most enjoyed was observing my husband play cards with my niece.  My niece challenged my husband to a game of “Speed” and carefully dealt the deck.  I watched my niece intently organize her cards as she picked them up and hurriedly placed them in play.  I have always enjoyed my husband’s competitive nature and I watched him strategize his game.

My attention was away from the card game, when  suddenly heard my niece yell, “I won!”  She proudly stood up and repeated herself with the biggest smile on her face, “I won!”  I looked at my husband and leaned in to question him whispering, “Did you let her win?”  He smiled and affirmed my thought.  My niece was beaming with pride and sat next to me sharing she had never won a card game EVER!  I turned and looked at my husband and was too, beaming with pride of what an amazing human sat aside me—his selfless generosity is one I trust left a lasting impression on my niece.


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